Venue Name : Captain Bligh's Brewstillery

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'Colonial Ale and Distilled Products from the end of the earth' Open Tasting Bar third Friday of every month 4-10pm. Colonial Ale produced as it was under the Colonial laws of the 1800's. British Empire purity laws of four ingredients. Malt, hops, yeast and water. All produce has to be grown locally. How easy? Great Barley, Premium Hops and water that's the envy of the world right on the doorstep. This is what makes a great Ale. Tasmania's rich apple growing history dates back to 1788, when Captain William Bligh planted Australia's first apple tree at Adventure Bay, Bruny Island. Using produce sourced from this very region, Captain Blighs sets out to produce heritage cider, using 100% Tasmanian apples. Argh

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